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  • Thank you, Gary. I really enjoy doing business with you and your employees. B. Kay Gray Sulphur Bluff
  • You’re always very responsive to buyer’s and seller’s timeframe. Pam Swanner Coldwell Banker
  • Gary’s is always polite, very honest, and gets my inspections done promptly. Katie Thornton Clements Realtors
  • I’m a happy customer and enjoy you coming out and taking care of my house! Kevin Kendrick Lake Cypress Springs
  • Gary’s is an important part of our district IPM plan. Paul Jones Superintendent / IPM Co-ord
    Saltillo ISD
  • The fire ant problem has proven to be under control since we’ve had the TopChoice put out in our yard. Cynthia Gayden Lake Cypress Springs
  • Their appearance was clean and they were very nice and friendly! Thanks! Vickie Lucas Sulphur Springs
  • We were convinced that they are the company we needed! Sherri Norris Lake Cypress Springs
  • We would highly recommend your services, highly! Robert Anderson Lake Fork

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Commercial Services

At Gary's, we focus on making your business a safer, cleaner and pest-free place to work.  Our professionals will thoroughly inspect your premises and provide you with detailed alternatives, clearly describe the steps, the costs, and the expected outcomes.


Because pest control is a strategy, you probably realize by now that you can talk to several different pest control companies and get several different cost quotes.  That's simply because pest control companies don't all operate in the same manner nor do we employ the same strategies or resources.  Because of our extensive experience and service offerings, we have more available resources and cost containment strategies than the smaller pest control companies, and much faster reporting and direct accountability than do the big, national companies.

Whether you're dealing with insects, rodents, flies, birds or other pests, Gary's has a solution that works within your budget and meets your needs. Gary's believes the best place to stop bugs is outside, before they come indoors. Pests are our business and we can offer you the industry's best pest control advice possible.  We pride ourselves in thinking "out of the box" and customize "tailor made" solutions for any business situation.  Keeping ants, roaches, flies and gnats, and other pests under control often requires regular application of pesticides and other pest monitoring devices. We'll assess your risks and work with you to determine whether you need a program of regularly scheduled visits or if you prefer, a service contract. 

We provide year-round pest control services  to many school districts, restaurants, churches, historical buildings, apartments, jails and other state and local agencies, Adult Protective Services accounts, private businesses, non-profit organizations, child care facilities, and more.  Our highly trained commercial technicians can operate within your business environment without any disruption to your employees, business processes, or your customers.

Many of our commercial customers prefer to operate on a contractual basis because it offers them more in terms of schedule flexibility, quicker response times,  fixed budgeting and reporting.

The benefits of a pest contract with Gary's are extensive and include:

  • Fixed competitive pricing allowing for exact budgeting without any surprises.
  • Rapid response times
  • Priority scheduling
  • Technical reporting
  • All pest resolutions available with one simple phone call.
  • Continuous monitoring to ensure possible future problems are dealt with swiftly.
  • Reliability and a relationship with your own pest control expert.
  • A healthy environment for your staff and compliance with State & Federal laws & regulations.
  • $1,000,000 Insurance Coverage to satisfy any requirements.

Contact us today to schedule a free visit from one of our pest control experts who will listen to your needs, assess the issues, and develop a winning strategy with a very competitive fixed price for making your business as pest-proof as possible.